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Kitchen Remodel

Posted on May 16, 2017

Home Remodeling Inc. can make your dream kitchen come into fruition at a very reasonable price. If you’re an aspiring chef or just a passionate home cook, our skilled team will make that dream into a reality.

Kitchens serve as the lifeblood of a home. Our company makes sure that we will transform your kitchen the way you want to be. No matter how small or big the transformation will be, Home Remodeling Inc. will exceed your expectations. We only use the best materials from our trusted suppliers. Our talented team of tradesmen will make the renovating process fun and hassle-free.

Interested in finally getting the kitchen of your dreams? You can reach us by filling up our contact form for a free consultation.

Examples of our kitchen remodeling services:

  •      Lighting installation
  •      Flooring installation
  •      Sink and faucet installation
  •      Countertop installation
  •      Cabinet replacement or refinishing

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the house. Frequent use makes it vulnerable to damage thus the need to be remodeled. A renovated, state-of-the-art kitchen is also more appealing to buyers, increase your home’s resale value.

Why do you need a kitchen remodeling contractor?

Kitchen remodeling remains to be one of the more complex and costly of all home remodeling projects. Instead of trying take it all on your own, Home Remodeling Inc. has the right skills to singlehandedly finish this project. It’s a win-win situation, less trouble for the clients resulting to an excellent outcome.

Why Home Remodeling Inc.?

We at Home Remodeling Inc. have the years of experience and numerous satisfied clients to back up our claim. Here are some of the common kitchen remodeling tasks:

  •      Planning, designing, and lay-out

o   Our team of designers can make a blueprint for your preferred kitchen design. We can show you some modern, traditional, and all sorts of designs.

  •      Floor, ceiling, and wall installation

o   We can build up walls, install tiles, and make new interiors for your kitchen

  •      Selection of kitchen appliances

o   We can help you choose the best kitchen appliances and still stay within your budget

  •      Installation of countertops and cabinets

o   One of the more visually pleasing parts of the kitchen will be taken care of. We have a wide range of design choices to fit your chosen aesthetic

  •      Kitchen plumbing

o   You no longer have to worry about those pesky leaks and clogs! We install dishwashers, sinks, faucets, and other appliances to help you with your plumbing needs.

  •      Electrical work and lighting fixtures

o   We repair all wiring and outlets as well as install new ones

  •      Arrange permits and inspections

o   We will take care of all required permits and inspections for your kitchen remodeling project

Quality and Excellence

Home Remodeling Inc., is the best choice for your kitchen remodeling needs. Years of experience in New Jersey homes made us the top choice for renovations in the Toms River area. We are your one-stop shop for all kitchen remodeling needs. We deliver on time and make sure our results are excellent.

Kitchen remodeling projects may take about 2 to 3 weeks to finish. Rest assured that we make sure our work is of high caliber, even giving reasonable prices for such service.

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